About us

Since the founding of BGS Control Inc. in 2009, we have enthusiastically introduced multiple control solutions to the HVAC industry. The firm is led by a team of engineers who have spent the past decade at the forefront of industrial HVAC technology. Each successive innovation has further raised the industry standard for energy-efficiency and cost-savings.

In 2010 we introduced what every property manager has always wanted: Virtual Building-2100. A fully-automated, completely hassle-free computerized system that integrates seamlessly into your existing HVAC system. This cost-saving boiler control ensures complete tenant satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

In 2014 BGS Inc. introduced the next generation in boiler controls with the Edge22 Series. With its high-speed processing ability and touchscreen capabilities, the Edge22 is extremely reliable and stable.

Leading the way once again, BGS offers a variety of customized solutions bringing heat pumps, valves and boilers all together to maximize your system’s performance while minimizing costs.

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